I am a portrait photographer specializing in uniquely nerdy portraits. I want to bring out the side of my models that traditional portraits tuck away and hide. I want to put a lightsaber in their hands, toss them a tricorder, see the wand choose them.

I have been shooting for three years using a number of cameras. I eventually settled on the Canon 6D, a beautiful little machine that does everything I want it to and more. I like experimenting with new lighting styles, locations, and in-camera special effects, but I do not use Photoshop (I firmly believe that the way the media treats us is bad enough. Why contribute to it?). I favour a natural style that blurs the line between photojournalism and cinematic, trying to add a touch of magic to real life.

I am aware that as a white man in a flawed culture, I live life by the lowest difficulty setting. I do what I can to help balance that out by being socially aware and trying to cast light on my own and others’ unconscious prejudices and priviledge. While I live in Cornwall, an hour or so outside of both Ottawa and Montreal, I really love to travel. Most of my travelling is pretty short range, driving into upstate New York and New England, but after spending a month in Scotland for a charity walk that I organized in 2012 I've ranged out further, exploring more areas of Europe and eastern Canada.

I am a heavy reader, mostly focusing on speculative fiction. I particularly love Scott Lynch, Brandon Sanderson, Jack Whyte, and Stephen King’s Dark Tower series. I also love to write, albeit strictly on an amateur level (so far!). I am a LARPer and play a game called Amtgard every Sunday, and between doing that, reading about swords and sorcery, and knowing countless fantastic cosplayers, it’s no surprise that my photography has always been inspired by the magic all around us.


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