Basic Portrait Session

In a world of iPhones and GoPros, we are moving further and further away from the time when a picture of yourself was a unique and hard-won item. Many photographers think of this as a problem, an overwhelming concern that will mean devaluing of their carefully constructed services. 

I am on the other side of that particular coin - I think it's an opportunity.

This is the time for portrait artists (using both brushes and lenses) will shine, showing people exactly what they can do with their particular magic wands*. This is the time for me to show you exactly how I can use the skills I've learned to show the world exactly how magical you really are.

In six parsecs or less.*

(In this case, "six parsecs" is being used, Solo-style, to refer to a unit of time - let's say 60-90 minutes, in which you'll have a chance for one outfit change and get some solid shots. This is the perfect package for LinkedIn, author photos, bio shots for your local LARP group - like Lindsay, over there! - and so forth.)


*Mixed nerd metaphors are sort of my thing. Forgive me.